Sarma: Rohingya trying to use Assam as transit state to sneak into Delhi, Kashmir: Himanta Biswa Sarma | India News


NEW DELHI: Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has asked the state police to take a number of measures, including checking the influx of Rohingya infiltrators, to improve law and order conditions in the state.

Speaking on the second day of the Fourth Superintendents of Police (SP) Conference at Bongaigaon in the state on Saturday, Sarma said, “Rohingyas are trying to use Assam as a transit State by moving in small batches. We must increase surveillance in train stations and take action in source states against their brokers.”
He said Assam is being used as a corridor for Rohingya infiltrators to go to Delhi and Kashmir. “We shall strive to keep Assam free from insurgency,” he said.
The CM also emphasised on the love jihad issue plaguing the state and said its root cause is forced conversion. He asked the police to identify such conversions. “I have asked the Assam Police to prepare a methodology to investigate Love Jihad,” he added.
He has pledged to end love jihad in the state. His observation came after a triple murder took place in Golaghat on July 26. A 25-year-old Nazibur Rahman Bora murdered his 24-year-old wife Sanghamitra Ghosh and her parents before surrendering to the police..
Sarma visited the family of the victim the same day and said, “In Assam, be it Nazibur Rahman or any other individual, we stand firm in our commitment that crime has no place in our state. Our resolve remains unwavering – no criminal shall escape justice.”
Calling the triple murder a result of love jihad, the CM said it is a reality and the people should remain cautious about it. Earlier in Assam, when people got married under the Special Marriage Act, no one changed their religion. They held onto their roots and got married, he said.
Meanwhile, in the SP conference, Sarma also delved into the drug problem, which is another problem being faced by the state. “For a Drug Free Assam, I have asked @assampolice to ensure drug seizures are happening in all districts – be it in big or small quantities. This is imperative to break the entire narcotics ecosystem.,” he said.
He said the state police must increase vigilance to ensure that Assam does not become a corridor for economic crimes such as smuggling subsidised fertiliser outside the country and Illegal import of alcohol and Burmese Supari.
The CM informed that more than 100 corrupt officials have been caught by the government. “Now a mass movement should be started so that when the officials take the money earned from corruption to their homes, their families ask them questions,” he added.


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