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NEW DELHI: Keeping his promise, Rahul Gandhi hosted a group of women farmers from Sonipat, Haryana in Delhi, who he had met during the Bharat Jodo Yatra. Calling it a day to remember for ‘Maa, Priyanka and me,’ Rahul said that their Delhi darshan and dinner at home was a lot of fun.

Rahul said that he was in debt to the farmers for providing him food during the yatra and wanted to reciprocate the love and respect. “They fed us home cooked food, and treated us with respect as part of their family. They expressed just one wish – to see Delhi. It was a debt of this bread, a debt of this love and respect – how could I not repay it! All of them were invited to the house of former Congress President, Sonia Gandhiji, and they all came very happily, I am very grateful to her for that.”

“From the problems of the country to the problems of Priyanka and my childhood, many things were discussed and I was very happy to see that they were aware of every issue from laws to government policies. Every farmer is troubled by GST, inflation while the Haryana youth struggles due to Agniveer,” he said.

In the video, the Gandhis are seen sharing a light moment with the rural women. Rahul Gandhi is heard asking if they liked the food and enquired whether everyone has had sweets. He is also seen distributing chocolates to the visiting children and girls.
During one of the conversations at her 10, Janpath residence, a woman asked Sonia to get Rahul married, to which the former Congress chief replies, “You find a girl for him”. Meanwhile, Rahul can be heard telling the women in the video that ‘it will happen.’

He is also seen being fed by one of the women, who brought desi ghee, sweet lassi, homemade pickles as gifts with them.
Priyanka tells the women that while Rahul was naughtier as a kid than her, it was she who always got scolded instead. Rahul can be seen nodding and laughing.
On July 8, Rahul had made an impromptu stop at Madina village in Sonipat to interact with people and spent time with farmers working in agricultural lands. He also took part in paddy sowing, drove a tractor and ate food brought by women labourers working in the fields.

Watch: Rahul Gandhi meets Haryana farmers, plants paddy and shares meal with them


Watch: Rahul Gandhi meets Haryana farmers, plants paddy and shares meal with them

Rahul Gandhi had then promised them to invite them over to Delhi for a ‘Delhi Darshan’ as they said they had never visited the national capital despite living so close.
During his visit, Rahul Gandhi had made the farm women talk to his sister Priyanka Gandhi and they had expressed the desire that she invites them over for food to her residence.

Watch: Rahul Gandhi drives Tractor in farmland, sows paddy with farmers


Watch: Rahul Gandhi drives Tractor in farmland, sows paddy with farmers

Watch ‘Find a girl for Rahul’: Sonia Gandhi to Haryana woman on Congress leader’s marriage


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