Man shares ‘grilling interview’ he faced from landlord in Bengaluru, netizens react


Many folks in Bengaluru often crib about the difficulty they face in finding a house on rent in the city. Bengaluru being an IT hub and known for its startup culture, the people here have shared how even landlords are very demanding regarding the education and job profile of their tenants.

Neeraj Menta faced a similar experience as he shared that his tenant interview was more “gruelling” than a seed round pitch. Menta, who describes himself as an entrepreneur on Twitter, said he recently started house hunting in Bengaluru and one owner wanted to interview him before saying yes.

Before the interview, Menta sent a small list of data points about his and his wife’s background and also their LinkedIn profiles through the broker. Once they were shortlisted, the broker set up a call.
During the “interview call”, the owner asked him detailed questions about his background, family size etc and then moved on to his startup. The owner asked him questions about the business model, burn rate and last-round investors.

Not only that, he also wanted to ensure that they had enough runway to continue paying rent. When Menta informed him that his wife pays rent, the owner moved to her LinkedIn profile. He mentioned that he preferred to give his flat to “high-pedigree folks”.

He then proceeded to advise him on how to be careful in running a business and ensure good unit economics and a sound operating model. After the call ended, his wife thought it was a fundraising pitch and asked him how it went.

“Please educate the rest of the Bangaloreans about the location of this rental property so they can benefit,” asked a user. Menta replied to him that it was HSR Layout.
Many netizens were curious to know if he succeeded in getting the house and Menta replied that he did.

“Here’s a secret.. they double up as marriage brokers.. two birds one stroke.. no more bachelor tenants,” another person wrote. “Shark Tank, Landlord edition!!” another user joked. “This is the funniest I’ve seen on Blr rents till now,” another person expressed.

“This so-called peak Bangalore moment is being glorified way too much. I think people should understand they can put their foot down and it’s not the last property to be rented on this planet. Landlords should calm actually down,” another netizen said.


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