Fed up with ‘spirit’ of husband’s first wife, 40-year-old kills self in Rajkot | Rajkot News


RAJKOT: A 40-year-old woman killed herself by consuming poison after six months of her marriage, in Rajkot on July 28.

She was fed up with the ‘spirit’ of her husband’s first wife who was allegedly possessing his body and harassing her.
The deceased has been identified as Jalpa Bagthariya.

Jalpa’s father Bhagvan registered a compliant with Aji dam police station against her husband Laxman Koli for abetment to suicide, on Wednesday.
Jalpa was divorced and a mother of two sons while Laxman was a widower and a father of two sons.
They got married six months ago and she started living with her husband and his two sons whereas her own sons continued living with her parents.
According to the complaint, Jalpa called Bhagvan two months ago and told him that her husband kept a picture of his deceased wife in his house, worshipped her and thereafter the ‘spirit’ of his deceased wife possessed his body and he moved his body violently under the influence of the ‘evil spirit’. Then he got angry at her and beat her.
According to Bhagvan, he tried to intervene and pursade his son-in-law to consult some expert for his behaviour.
Jalpa went back to her parental house two-three times in her six months of marriage but after coaxing by her parents and her husband, she went back to her in-laws house. Finally, fed up with the violent act of her husband, she called her sister Nilam on July 28, asking her to take care of her two sons and also told her that she had consumed poison. Thereafter, she did not pick the phone, when the family reached her home she was lying unconscious and when taken to hospital, she was declared dead.


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