Bigg Boss OTT 2: Bebika Dhurve reads Abhishek Malhan’s palm and reveals he would have an extramarital affair, says ‘Affair toh tu rakhega’


In the LIVE stream of Bigg Boss OTT 2, Bebika Dhurve is back with her astrologer side as she sat to read Abhishek Malhan’s hand. Abhishek seemed to be quite concerned about when he will get married and to solve that Bebika read his palm and stated he would get married at the age of 30-32. That is not it, she also stated that Abhishek would have an extramarital affair too.

Bebika said, “You are marrying so soon, that is why you are having problems.” Abhishek asked, “Then when will it happen?” Bebika replied, “You are 26 right now, you will get married at the age of 30-32, not before that.

And after a few years of your marriage, you will have an extramarital affair.”
Abhishek jokes, “Affair cannot happen before that? But you are right on this I tell people that I will not marry before 30-32.” He further asked her about how much money he will earn and Bebika said, “There is a good flow of money and fame in your life. You will get everything at a young age. But your ambitions are too high.”
Bebika further shared, “Shaadi would be good, you will be content but in the older age you will have someone else. You will have an extramarital affair.” Abhishek added, “I am all single.” Bebika said, “That is because you didn’t have that deep connection yet.” Abhishek refused, “I had a deep connection but she left me after 5 years.” Bebika assured him, “You will have someone better but you will have an extramarital affair for sure. Affair toh tu rakhega.”


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